Ashley C. Stokes


About Me

Documentary Filmmaker 
Licensed Drone Operator | Photography 

Ashley Stokes, a distinguished award-winning documentary filmmaker, is unwaveringly committed to amplifying voices and encouraging a fresh perspective. Her dedication to elevating the collective consciousness, advocating for environmental preservation, and weaving intimate narratives takes her passion for storytelling to extraordinary heights. Ashley leverages her multifaceted skillset to not only inspire but also educate, offering audiences new and profound perspectives on the intricacies of our complex and beautiful existence.

Videography | Cinematography
Licensed Drone Operator | Photography | Editing

Ashley Stokes has had a love for filmmaking from a young age. Her wide array of skills on set allows her to be a helping hand for any department; with her current position, working as a Producer, Cinematographer, Director and Editor. Her most recent work focuses on the impact of Climate Change and how we can move forward to create a more sustainable world. Ashley has been articulating the language of cinema for the entirety of her professional life. She continues to cultivate and learn her craft with every project.